Being Green is Important At Greendesk, we make it simple Planet Earth Our Renovations We start from the ground Up 155 Water Street Each of our locations are newly renovated
with recycled aluminum & glass to be better
and more energy efficient
Building Fill Effect Renovated with
Recycled Materials
GEE Certified GEE Energy Certified GEE Green Certificate We use a mixture of renewable & traditional
energy sources to power each of our buildings
Wind Turbine Stack Wind Turbine Propeller We are always working to improve our carbon
footprint! Providing our office spaces with GEE
Certified Renewable Energy is just one step we
take toward that goal
Lighting Saves White Line Our LED and CFL lights save
75%* more energy than
regular bulbs
Forgot to turn off your lights? We got your
back! Our motion sensors create a worry-
free environment
Light Shine Glow Effect *
Green Products Recycled &
Green Products
From our cleaning supplies to our
paper, and everything in between,
we strive to use eco-friendly and
green products whenever we can
Bottle LED Light Bulb
Simplicity We make it easy With recycling bins in every building, and reusable mugs for your
morning fix, you can focus more on running your business
without worrying about your carbon footprint
Blue Recycling Bin Green Recycling Bin Blue Recycling Bin Bottles Cans
What You can Do Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Now that you know some of the ways
we help you to be eco-friendly, find
out how you can help too!
Ways to Go Green Energy Saving Tips Recycling World Icon
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